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Come Together Full Moon Cacao Ceremony, Gong Bath & Reiki Healing Energy

Sat, April 20th 7:15 PM

Come together with Ananda and Bylee on this monthly Saturday evening full moon community event. This gathering opens in setting an intention with the enhancement of the cacao's medicinal healing properties. We then flow into light movement with breath and body work to open our channels physically, emotionally and spiritually. With this activation one is able to fully be present with the gong bath as they receive Reiki energy and able to release what no longer serves under the power of the full moon. Please bring yoga mat, blanket, pillow to be comfortable and water.

*Preregister to ensure a space for this celebration as it fills up quickly with a waiting list each month.

Full Moon Ceremony

Ecstatic Dance!

Sat, April 27th 6-7:30pm

Expand your Capacity for Life through Movement Anthropology

Leilani Henry provides 60 minutes of a dynamic sound track, with light movement coaching. No dance experience needed. Leilani makes it easy for you to find the joy in dance and love your body!

When we’re stuck, our cells hold on to trauma. Through movement and music, we can free our cells and integrate our body/heart/mind and your spirit soar!

$20 investment with preregistration

$25 at the door


Qoya Movement, Meditation/Ritual, Journaling & Conversation

Monday April 29th 6:30-8pm

The Wheel of the Year has been used by many cultures throughout history to mark the changing seasons and cycles of nature.

Celebrating the Wheel of the Year is a way to connect with nature, honor the changing seasons, and recognize the cycles of life, death, and rebirth that are essential to all beings.

*Minimum of 3 people, please pre-register.

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RootFlute Cacao, Lucid Meditation & Sound Journey

Wed, May 08 7:00-9:00 PM

To create the “RootFlute Lucid Meditation” Hansen live loops his entire instrument collection which includes his self-made multi-chamber wild shed elk antler flutes, 38” Paiste gong, 10 Tibetan singing bowls on an elaborate foot pedal system, didgeridoo, analog synth, shakuhachi, esraj (Indian bowed instrument), elk antler clarinet, pan pipes, soprano saxophone, plate bells, swing chimes, tuned symbols, classical guitar, vocals, and an array of percussion instruments to create vast sonic dreamscapes.

RootFlute Lucid Meditation

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Awaken the Heart

Sun, May 12th 2-4pm

A workshop to rejuvenate the heart of Mothers and strengthen the connection between loved ones.

All are welcome at this Heart Opening Event, including kids!
What to expect:

Mediation - A focus for Mothers to “Turn Our Love Inward”, and also appreciating the Motherly figures in our lives.
Breathwork -  Slowing down the breath to assist in appreciating the moment. This can potentially Reduce Inflammation, Anxiety, Coherence between the Heart and Brain, hence Improving Quality of Life!
Dru Yoga - Which includes a Moment of Attunement, Activations, Energy Block Release Sequence, and Asana or also called Posture work.
Journal Time - Moments throughout the entire workshop, dedicated to pausing and writing about the experience, in order to Memorize This Feeling!

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Miguel Espinoza Fusion Intimate Concert

Saturday Night

May 25th 7PM


PeaceWorks Wellness Program Community Classes

Wednesday's at 5:30PM

Schedule for PeaceWorks Wellness Program.  Classes are in our studio and we will be donating all the proceeds to our local PeaceWorks non-profit. 

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